Hello world

Tim Sklyarov - New York based Designer, Runner.

Hello everyone, this is not exactly the very first post on this blog, but I’ve figured I need to have one of those “welcome” posts so you guys know where you are at.

So please allow me to introduce myself — my name is Tim Sklyarov and I am a designer that lives and works in the capital of planet Awesome – New York City. I’m a Creative Director at the hospitality marketing company called HeBS Digital. I’m also a photography enthusiast and an aspiring runner.

I’ve started this blog as personal playground for sharing my artwork, photography and personal ramblings with the world. Not much is going on here currently, but in the nearest future I will be writing new posts and I also will be transferring some selected content from my other blog that I’ve been running for a little over ten years on the old-fashioned pre-facebook era LiveJournal platform.

New York City Marathon

Tim Sklyarov running on Manhattan Bridge

I’m running the NYC Marathon this November and also raising money for a good cause. I am raising money for The YAI Network, organization that makes people affected by developmental and learning disabilities lives a little bit easier. I would appreciate if you would help me out by making a donation. The goal is to raise at least $3,000 over the next few weeks. More info on a special website: http://runningforcause.com

New York City Aerial

So I was heading to Las Vegas for a business meeting the other day and was lucky enough to sit on a right side of the plane — did some quick tilt-shift aerial photos of New York. Nothing super special, but gives some sense of how many skyscrapers are there on the island of Manhattan.

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New York City Aerial Photography

For you who are not familiar with New York City geography — right in the middle is Downtown Manhattan(where the Wall Street is). Right below there are two bridges – iconic Brooklyn Bridge and my favorite Manhattan Bridge.

More aerial photos of New York