New York at Night

Some relatively fresh New York photos from last september.

Памяти жертв терактов 11ого сентября
Annual “9/11 Tribute in Light”. A lot of people think that light towers stand exactly on the same spot where WTC towers used to stand, but it is not correct. Light towers are located on the rooftop of the parking garage about 1/4 mile to the south from ground zero.
Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridge. This photo was taken from the Brooklyn Bridge Park. In the north part of the park there is a small lawn, I call it “Tripod Park” – almost at any given moment of the day and night(especially during the dusk/dawn) there are tens if not hundreds photo enthusiasts equipped with tripods.
If you look the other way from the Tripod Park you will see a very underrated by tourists(which is good) Manhattan Bridge. Unlike it’s famous brother, the Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan Bridge is free of swarming tourist hordes. Not to mention that the views are much cooler!
Manhattan, Tribute in Light as seen from Downtown Brooklyn. By the way – this picture was taken handheld. No tripod. Fuji X100 camera has some serious photo stabilization.
“Tribute in Light” towers start right after the sunset and last till the morning.
Carrier rocket Empire State is ready for take off!





Giraffe robots of New Jersey.


Lower Manhattan panorama.




Moon and Venus as seen from NY :)

That’s it for now, what do you think? You can see more of my New York City photos here.

  • Jordan Clarke

    crazy talent.

  • Ryan Jordan

    I’m thinking about picking up a Fuji X100S. Would you say you are really happy with your purchase. I am definitely a beginner but a fast learner.

    • Hi Ryan

      I’m really happy with the camera, but keep in mind that the lens is fixed and you can’t change it – that will limit you a bit creatively. I use it as my second camera mostly, first and main one is a Nikon D7000.