New York through the eyes of a Road Bicycle

My transport of choice in NYC is definitely a road bike. When you cycle on the streets you see city and it’s habitants in a very different point of view. Let me share with you some photos I took last year – NYC through the eyes of a road bike.

Harlem. 125th and Broadway.
Somewhere in Harlem.
125 and Broadway. Harlem, Manhattan.

Some more photos, click thumbnails to zoom.

The biggest hazard for the bicyclists in the New York City – pedestrians and especially tourists.
My favourite obstacle – guys that jump on the road from behind of the parked car.
Alright, trucks are not very friendly too. Wear helmets.

And these are bit different. These photos were taken with an iPhone in automatic timelapse mode. In two days I did few thousand of photos and 30 of them turned out pretty well.

8:50am. Shadows going to the office.
6:15pm. Shadows going home.
Olive Garden
Business men
Ice cream.